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The only pro cs players from itally that i know are "syzer" gr8 entryfragger also aim god, and "akanoway" 14 years old young talend that tried to qualify for fpl but he failed. Rest of italians are just casuals playing metin 2 and making pizza and mafia ofc.But they really should try to be good please make italy gr8 once. Your organisations pay crazy amount of money for these players and then they do shit and only go chill and stream and say 1hp 1hp when they didn't even hit the enemyin italy there are 2 top teams that regularly win national lan events, they wont make "one" decent team because they dont like each other personally and they think they are too good to play with each other (ego). It's a 3rd world shithole like all of southern Europe People are making fun of the US for Trump..It is also an inside joke shared between many, in which "Nice shoes..." is shouted across the room to a friend, then they reply "wanna fuck?! They are not even trying to play cs longer than year since they know they cant be as gut as some of top teams.

Va', che te sia data lanzata catalana o che te sia dato stoccata co na funa, che non se perda lo sango, o che te vangano mille malanne, co l'avanzo e priesa e vento alla vela, che se ne perda la semmenta, guzzo, guitto, figlio de 'ngabellata, mariuolo!Basically the talent (individual) in italy is spread over 2-3 teams, but they cant be bothered to form a single team which would be capable to go (bottom) tier 2 and start grinding from there. Italy has been voting for Berlusconi for DECADESThe other guy is right: we have players but literally no mentality and that sucks a's my little dream to pursue the csgo career but not only i don't have a stable team but internet sucks here and i have no opportunities.Italian profanity ("bestemmie" when referred to religious topics, "parolacce" when not) refers to a set of words considered blasphemous or inflammatory in the Italian language.The Italian language is considered a language with a large set of inflammatory terms and phrases, almost all of which originate from the several dialects and languages of Italy, such as the Tuscan dialect, which had a very strong influence in modern standard Italian, which is widely known to be based on Florentine language.There are no characters from the first season, except me. I told all the writers to watch all these older Italian films and see if any ideas come to them.